Bubble Shooters Network

By Boudewien Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht

We create engagement with art


Bubble Shooters Network is an audience engagement consultancy for the art world specialized in creating practical and no-nonsense strategies for social media. We stand for opening up our online bubbles to create relevant connections around art with real people.

We engage people online to broaden awareness and engagement around the arts.

From content strategies, online positioning, tone of voice, art direction, community building and everything you need to bring your vision into practice. Using data analysis, applied psychology, years of experience in the art world and a strong network of specialists. 

We have worked together with DRIFT, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, PAN Amsterdam and other artists, galleries, museums and NGOs on their communication. Sometimes in teams, sometimes as consultant, but always focused on audience engagement and long-term development of the platforms.

The company was founded in 2021 by Boudewien Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht, an applied psychologist and social media strategist. As the former social media manager of the Van Gogh Museum, she has built the world’s most engaged museum community on social media for the museum. A community with over 9,5 million followers over three channels Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In her final year at the Van Gogh Museum, she reached over 353 million social media users and engaged over 17,8 million times with the Van Gogh loving community.

Nominations and awards
  • Nominated Young Talent Award Cultuurmarketing (2019)
  • The Best Social Media award for innovation, Van Gogh Museum and team (2018)
  • Museumnext, Digital Marketing Summit (2021)
  • Dutch Media Week, Social Hour (2021)
  • Social Today, application of psychology on social media (2020)
  • Social Media Week Holland, application of psychology on social media (2019)
  • Guest curator for Instagram heritage panel, Amsterdam Applied University of the Arts, Reinwardt Academy (2022)
  • Guest lecturer on social media strategy. University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Digital Media Strategy (2021)
  • Guest lecturer on the application of psychology on social media. University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Social Media Marketing (2020)
  • Guest lecturer for the course Online Tools. University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Applied Psychology (2018-2020)


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“You know exactly what you do and if faced with a problem, you quickly and intelligently know how to solve it. Getting excellent results.”

Willem van Gogh

Van Gogh Museum

“She stands out in my mind: she’s innovative and most of all she knows how to think out of the box in order to touch people. She’s creative and knowledgeable. She’s an absolute expert in her field and – last but not least – fun to be with!”

Gideon Querido van Frank

Van Gogh Museum

“Boudewien is very strong in creating a strategy, bringing the strategy into practice, and managing a big team without an issue. Nothing will be forgotten, no deadline missed. But most of all: she is very pleasant to work with.”

Suus Krom

Van Gogh Museum